More grip with our Core traction surf pads

An eco surf pads system that adds extra traction and control to your surfboard. A material that doubles down on ecology and performance. 

Without a surfboard pad it's hard to find grip in the waters. Surf Pads, also Traction Pads or Grip Pads, make sure your foot stay where they should. No matter the quality of your surfboard, boots and your skills, you will have a bad time finding traction on a wet board. Surf Pads solve that problem. And they let you know blindly where to position your foots for that next trick. Just glue them on your board where your foots should be and get rad. Shoot it. Flip it. Kick it. Tweak it. Land it.

Forget about the wax bars, having your board all gripped up with surfboard pads.

All of our Eco Surf Pads are made from 100% recycled Premium EVA Foam.

1% of every item you buy in our online shop goes directly to a non-profit organization to protect our environment.

Which Surf Pad do I need?

If you are looking for a grip pad that gives you maximum control for radical surfing, go for the  CORE SURF TAIL PAD NOIR ♻ or CORE SURF TAIL PAD BLANC ♻ with its arch pad and medium wedge.  The Grip Pads come with a titled square pattern surface and a centre arch for better locking of your foot – this will give you more control. It comes in 3 pieces plus 2 add-ons to adjust for a wide range of designs and widths.

If you are looking for the most natural surf feeling, go for the CORE SURF TAIL PAD NOIR II ♻  or CORE SURF TAIL PAD BLANC II ♻ with its flat pad and high wedge. The Flat Pads come in a cord pattern surface and is only 3 mm thin, thus making sure you feel the best connection to your board. It comes in 3 pieces plus 2 add ons to adjust for a wide range of designs and widths.

Either way, the CORE SURF FRONT PAD NOIR ♻  or CORE SURF FRONT PAD BLANC ♻ will serve you fine to keep your front foot on your board. The Front Pads come with a cord pattern surface for secure foot positioning but still allows you to easily switch and adjust. It is divided in 4 triangles to make an easy fit on every surfboard.