One of our surfmates Flo moved to Hamburg last year so naturally we went to visit him asap in November and combined our journey with a roadtrip to Klitmøller, the northernmost point of Denmark. It’s also known as ‘Cold Hawaii’ as it has the most constant waves in the Northsea and yes, because it's pretty cold there, too.

Flo has a Volkswagen California so it was easy to fit in the four of us plus surfboards and equipment. We had considered sleeping in there, too but as it was so friggin could we decided to stay at ‘Nystrup Camping Klimøller’, a Camping site that is located only 5 minutes away by foot from the surfspot. We had a small hut with four beds split in two bedrooms and a little kitchen area and luckily there were heaters, too!

As not all of us had surfboards for the ocean we had to rent some boards but the surf infrastructure there is pretty good in Klitmøller, so we just went to WestWind Surfshop and got everything we needed real quick.

Winter is by far the best time to surf at the Northsea with a lot of days of surf. We got lucky and had a decent swell. After putting on our warmest surf equipment which we had specifically bought for this occasion back in Hamburg we directly headed out in our 6mm wetsuits with flashbomb boots, gloves and hoodies and caught some small fun waves.

The atmosphere at the beach is really special, really empty and especially clean and there are old bunkers from WWII everywhere at the beach, all covered in Graffiti. Klitmøller really is a unique place and we will definitely come back soon.


Roadtrip to Klitmoller Gallery